Association in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country with a real penchant for classic cars. There are countless clubs and associations dedicated to specific models or makes, including plenty of small and medium-sized fan clubs for classic Peugeot cars. However, the Netherlands also boasts three associations that are officially recognized by Peugeot. The oldest club in the country is the Association Peugeot Hollande (APH), for fans of the 403 and earlier models. This 500-strong independent club was among the first to celebrate everything that makes Peugeot cars so special; initially founded as a 203 club, it later extended its welcome to fans of all models up to the 403. When the Peugeot 404 was launched and became a classic in its own right, the Peugeot 404 Association—the second official Peugeot club in the Netherlands—was founded in its honor. As time passed by, Peugeot responded to the demands of the evolving market and expanded its range of vehicles, adding the 104, 204, 304, the legendary 504 and 604, and of course a number of commercial vehicles such as the J7, J9 and J5. In the 1980s and 1990s, the 05 models were added to the range. These cars represented a break away from traditional Peugeot design, so the Peugeot Club Netherlands (PCN) was formed for fans of all models introduced after the 404.

The three associations work together closely. Events are planned in a shared annual calendar; we share our knowledge and experience and collaborate to publish the informative and professional association magazine “Le Lion” six times a year. The three associations work together under the umbrella organization L’Aventure Peugeot. L’Aventure Peugeot was founded by Pierre Peugeot and unites Peugeot clubs from all over the world.

The Association Peugeot Hollande represents the interests of owners and fans of the Peugeot 403 and its predecessors (incl. D3/D4 etc.). The 404 Association represents the joint interests of owners and fans of all 404 series models. The Peugeot Club Netherlands represents the interests of owners of Peugeots launched after the Peugeot 404.

Organization of the associations/register structure
The three associations cover a wide range of different models and each has its own independent management board. In order to facilitate direct contact between the members and the board, general members’ meetings are held annually and the Peugeot Club Netherlands is sub-divided into model registers. These registers bring together owners of one or more Peugeot models. They organize events for specific models, find out what is important to members and pass this information on to the board via their register representative. 

Lion & website
“Le Lion” magazine, a well-known and respected publication in the world of Peugeot, has also been given a makeover. The new websites form a central point for the associations, offering all the latest news, photo reports, information on new models, background and portals for members to interact with each other and with the board.

The associations organize a number of traditional events each year: The ‘Dutch Glory Rally’, ‘Easter Rally’, ‘Surprise Event’ and ‘A Drive with Aunt Nel’ are key fixtures in the calendar, along with a host of other register events. A few years ago, a spectacular classic Peugeot event was added to the program: The Grande Réunion des Automobiles Classiques et Anciennes. The clubs also organize a schedule of separate events open to all members. With this packed annual program, there is plenty to keep members busy and the associations pull out all the stops to provide events and services for all fans of classic Peugeots.

Each of the three clubs has its own parts warehouse, in Lelystad, Dordrecht and Maasbommel respectively. This enables each club to maintain its own supply of spare parts for Peugeot models, by buying and selling old and new parts and old stock and having parts reproduced independently where necessary.

When carrying out restoration and maintenance work on a classic Peugeot, questions often arise on colors, technical problems, production volumes and many other topics. Each of the three associations has its own document archive, which often includes full workshop handbooks, sales brochures and lots of other documents to help members complete their projects.

The main reason to become a member: To ensure that you can keep on enjoying your ‘miracle on wheels’ — just like in the old Dutch advertisements.